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Small crystals, big performance…
The auris-GmbH in lower saxony Hameln ...weiter

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The alternative

New approaches to the use of low-cost housing materials is the company auris-GmbH.
As an alternative to the usual market housing materials-ceramic housing ...weiter

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Cheap ceramic package

The SMD crystals of the product series HC 6035 are currently the best SMD quartz crystals in ceramic package.
In a frequency range of 8,0MHz ...weiter

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New SMD quartz-package

The SMD crystal series HE1045 is the cheapest SMD quartz in quartz material housing.
The frequency range is 3,2768MHz ~ 7,000MHz.
It is equipped with 2, ...weiter

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Smallest SMD-oscillator

New in auris-GmbH program is the smallest SMD oscillator in a quartz housing.
With its dimensions of 3.2x2.5mm and with its housing made ...weiter

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Change of generation

Specially designed for use in mobile wireless applications of SMD quartz HC2016 was developed.
With its small dimensions of 2,0x1,6x0,5mm highly stable frequency ...weiter

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New housing material

The new Auris-SMD crystals of the AC series in white-ceramic housing with respect to the market Crystals in ceramic with metal lid
- cheaper
- ...weiter

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Smaller is better

Smaller is better! - HC2016 & HC1612
Smaller is better, or from the first computer to the handheld, no one can resist the progress! Immediately the Auris ...weiter

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Smaller / more effective…

With a dimension of only 2,5x2,0mm the auris-GmbH offers a new miniature quartz.
The frequency range is from 16,00MHz to 50,00MHz, with ...weiter

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